Time to write a matric. Time to upgrate my results

Welcome to our Education platform

My Matric Academy is an educational establishment and portal that enables both adults and children to obtain a matric certificate irrespective of their  historical background, educational background and financial background. It is an academy that enables any kind of individual to get hold of matric certificate or to upgrade the matric results. Scholars, students, Employees/workers/, and unemployed individuals, are well come to start learning flexibly and obtain metric certificate.


Obtaining a matric certificate will enable the individual an opportunity for better paying job, and promotions at work. For example, Peter and John were working at the mall as cleaners with no elementary educational certificates. Peter decided to register to write a matric and stated learning online while attending work. John told Peter that he is already old and cannot learn anymore. One year latter Peter was on a learnership, and  three years latter   same Peter was working at the mine as Electrician Artisan. But for John, after three years was working at the butchery and his monthly payment was 22% less than the payment of a cleaner contract job that was only for two years. Now we salute Peter and his best choice! That why we chose to share his story.


We have list of subjects to choose from. And we also have different ways of learning. Go to our Subjects Page by clicking here!


Our ways of learning

The main vision My Matric Academy is to deliver quality education and training via modern online tutoring system. Although we promote online learning due to its flexibility, we also have centre-based learning method. And we have Part-Time learning method, which is the combination of Online and On-Centre learning method.


E-Learning / Online-Learning
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You may choose to learn online by using a Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, or smart phone. Candidates that cannot afford a computer can use a smart phone.

Distance Learning

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Distance learning is a combination of On-Centre learning and E-Learning.

On-Centre Learning / On-Class Learning
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You will be requested to attend classes every day to obtain face-face traditional teaching and coaching.


Testing and examinations

On Centre exam

The student will have to choose the examination center of his/ her   choice during registration period. Else will be placed at one of  our selected examination centers.

Online exam

The student will have to choose the examination center of his/ her  choice during registration period or else will be placed at one of our selected examination centers.

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